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(runxway for the header.) Welcome to PH i challenge, a Quality Paris Hilton Icon Challenge Community that unites icon makers and Paris Hilton fans alike. It's basically a fun place to make some goregous icons, earn an award for it and meet new people! There are few rules. Even though it seems like a lot just please take a quick second to read so you have no questions :)

Rules :
(1) Challenges will be posted on Sundays and entries are accepted until Friday night.
(2) Voting begins Saturday and ends Sunday night.
(3) Awards are posted on Sunday of the top three voted.
(4) Posting Access is denied to members. To recieve your entry, you must comment with your icon to the 'Challenge' Post.
(5) Icon entries are screened for courtesy and privacy of the challenge.
(6) Stealing is not tolerated! I am seriously, I find you are doing this I will not hesitate to ban you immediately.
(7) Only one entry per person per challenge.
(8) Be respectful of other icon maker's work. We all put effort into our work and there is no reason to be rude.
(9) Have fun and show off your talent!

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This layout was made by ELISE. Do not steal or ask to take anything from this community. It is purposely made for it by me.